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2017 Season Has Arrived

Run camp starts soon and I CAN.NOT.WAIT! I mean, I have no real desire to run outside in inches of snow, but I am more likely to do it if I have paid for it and others are there as well! That being said, it is not the act of the running that I am excited about, it is to really focus on the need to make sure that I am working on improving my strength and ability to not have to walk the last half of a half marathon due to leg cramps.


That being said, I would also like to improve on my triathlon times. As well as NOT have a sore rear for 3 days after said triathlons because #bikeseatssuckforbigbutts.

I did notice during the Resolution Run that, even though I chose to walk it I made it up them hills with much more steady movement and less “WTF??” in my head. Plus, it provided a nice glute and brain workout!

So, I got goals for 2017. Are they major change goals? Nope. They are steady goals. Major change-type goals for me are major failures. So slow, steady and functionally worthy goals set ahead. Watch out 2017…… I am coming for you!

Stay focused!