You Say You Want A Resolution…..


Yeah, okay, I know that it is “Revolution” not “Resolution” in The Beatles song…. (believe me, my dad taught me way better than that). But it is that time of year people. Resolution time (insert dramatic music here). So let’s look at some “statistics” (am I am using them in quotations because, well, resolutions are not that easy of a thing to monitor, if you will).

According to the number 1 resolution for people every new year is…….to lose weight. Calm down, I know this is shocking. Weight loss is followed, in order by

  • getting organized
  • spending less and saving more
  • enjoying life to the fullest and finally,
  • staying fit and healthy.

So, what does this say about our society (or at least those polled)? In my opinion, it says a lot. It tells me that more people are unhappy about a lot within themselves. Losing weight, getting organized and wanting to enjoy life tell me that many of us are unhappy. But is that each persons’ individual fault? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Let’s be honest here. Society has ALOT to do with how we feel about ourselves, inside and out. The economy, the stereotypes of how women (and now more often men as well) should look physically, how society thinks we should feel even comes into play. I mean, if we didn’t “stick to the norm” of resolution time, what in the world would we want to be resolute for?

BUT! These statistics also tell me that there are some people that are happy about themselves. About how they feel and look. Sure, they may be laying on the lies to look good, but hey, it is a start for society to realize that it is okay that you have some debt. It is okay that you are overweight but working on what needs to be done. That, hey, it is okay that sometimes you are sad and do not want to get out of bed. The important thing is that one realizes that those thoughts, those actions are for that day. Tomorrow is another day. Plus, if today was a bad day, tomorrow can only be better.

Another set of statistics that provides that is positive discusses the length of time that one maintains a resolution. Those that maintained their resolution of choice through the first week was at 75%. Now, the numbers go down from there, as expected, but they still provide a positive outlook:

  • Maintained past two weeks: 71%
  • Maintained past one month: 64%
  • Maintained past six months: 46%

Now, again, I know that between the one month and six month mark it is a pretty big drop, but, 46% is a pretty good number in my opinion. Many of us have made the same resolution year after year. Most likely because we didn’t actually meet that goal the year before, but, we are still willing to give it a shot. And maybe it is because as that year went on we felt that we didn’t meet our own expectations, but, we are still willing to continue to give it a shot. The most important thing is that we, as society, are thinking for a change, thinking for change and changing the way we think.

So, with that being said, keep it up. Keep making those resolutions, because it is only how YOU see YOURSELF and what YOU want in the new year that matters. What society thinks is in the past. Resolute for YOUR future.


Much Love



When You and Your Nose Are Running


Well, it is that time of year. Sickness. Illness. Cough. Cold. Flu……THE PLAGUE! Especially here in Michigan where Christmas was in the 50’s and Ohio when it was in the 60’s. This afternoon my husband and I returned from our holiday trip in Ohio to 30 degree weather in Michigan.

As I sat on the couch, decompressing from the six hour car trip….it began…..THE SNIFFLES! I tried to ignore it. Thinking maybe if I do not acknowledge its existence it would go away… caught on. Then, the scratchy throat. I swear, in 3 hours it went from nothing to muscle pain….UGH!!!!

It was already slightly difficult to maintain or even try to keep up with my training schedule while on vacation. Now I am home when I can get back into proper gear and this happens. So, zinc, vitamin C, LOTS OF SLEEP here I come! I am gonna stay ahead of you and try to decrease the amount of time in which your plague is inside me!

That all being said, this being the time for illness, it is also the time most people tend to decrease their training (especially if you do not have an indoor area to train). Sick season and hibernation season also coincides with the time of year that 60% of the world (no that is not an actual figure, it is one I am guessing at) decides they are GONNA GET HEALTHY!!!! Needless to say, it is a trifecta of human storm.

So people, when the illness hits, remember it’s okay to take care of you. “Sweating” the cold out doesn’t always work, and then all you are doing is providing a “free sample” of your nastiness to someone else. The more you focus on feeling better before getting back into your training, the more you will get out of your training overall.

Keep Running (but not if your nose is)….

Much Love!

Dear Santa….

Dear Santa,

I know this is kinda late…..and I know this is unusual for me. I mean, I would normally have all requests to year approximately 2 years ahead of schedule because I am just, well you know, that way. But, I have a last minute request…..

The holidays can be rough for alot of people. Love, loss, money, breakups, breakdowns, letdowns, and so much more. So, my request……can you talk to whoever makes up 2016 and discuss some slack be given? I know it is alot to ask and you may be wondering why I am asking you about this. But think about it… know the peeps of the world-it’s your main job, so if you could maybe discuss some pertinent issues with 2016 that would be fantabulous. And only for those who really need it. Those who have had it rough in 2015. And it’s okay to be selective. As a matter of fact, you probably should be selective. But trust in what you choose to do.

Again, I know this may be a hefty task to ask……and on Christmas Eve no less, but, if you could give it a whirl? And, just to make sure I am on point again, let’s just bump this as my request for 2017 and 2018 as well….get me back on planning track.

Thanks buncha-crunches…….

Much Love!

Running Requirements

I have only been running since July 2014, but I quickly realized that there are two mandatory items I need when I run. Whether it is for a training run or a race, I always make sure that I am stocked on………….GUM! I have particularly become all but addicted to peppermint flavored Orbit. I have found that chewing gum during runs has not only kept me from getting a dry mouth, but also forces me to breathe (which is always a good thing). Some people can just run. Not think about too much…..just run. I am not one of those people. I think about so many different things. How is my pace, how are my feet falling as they land, how is my stride, how is my posture, and so much more. With that being said, one thing I can sometimes forget is to breathe. Believe it or not, it is actually easy for me to get too distracted and realize that I am not breathing properly. Chewing gum also tends to help me not clench my teeth, which I tend to do in stressful situations.

Secondly, and almost just as important, is music. Motivation comes from many places when we are having a rough day, during a training run or even a race. Sometimes there is not someone else who can push you along next to you. Or, if you are like me, you rather the “lone wolf” be the way as you run. I make a new playlist for every race I run. There are some standard favorites that are on every list, but I also find some upbeat new songs to listen to so I can really keep motivated. I stagger my good cadence songs throughout to make sure that my pace is either still on point, or if I have fallen off pace, get me moving back up to time.

Even the simple things like gum and music are what can keep me going, whether it be a good run, or a tough one. Whether it is a poorly staffed race or a phenomenal race that has been going years and years. Music and gum are my absolute go-to products that are my requirements. Now, on occasion, it is time to run with a buddy. We all need personal motivation, and sometimes running with someone and keeping a conversation can help you realize how off or on pace you are, especially in a training run. But it can also keep you safe. I can admit that I am not the best in remembering to run outside with just one earbud in, leaving an “open ear” for safe reasons (car horns, people coming up behind you, and so on). My issue is that I like my music to be LOUD! But, safety is an absolute necessity. So, fellow readers, remember that being safe is just as important as those things that motivate you along the way.

Keep running…….


It can’t be JUST running…..

Prior to my running experiences I never thought I would run as an activity. People who did that were crazy, or so I thought 😉 However, when I made the decision to start running I understood the purpose (other than the health benefits). But even then I never thought that I would then learn to love additional physical activity. as much as I have. Approximately 4 months after I began my running adventure, I started going to cross-training classes at a local facility. And I learned to love that, too! Then, I was getting up earlier in the morning during the week to go work out or run before work. Now, this was HUGE. Anyone who really knows me knows I LOVE my sleep. I have never been one to sleep all that well, getting only about 4-5 hours of sleep each night, but getting up early to work out? What? That is just crazy pants! But I did it. And I liked it. Then I loved it. Then I learned more and more that strength training and cross training benefits not just my over all health and well being, but my running as well. So I loved it all even more. And I still love it. Utilizing as many different forms of exercise as possible into my regimen… yoga, TRX, spin bike, weight training…….all of it. And it is amazing.

While you think that running is a pretty good all-around workout, you never really know what muscles are not getting proper focus during running until you have done a good intense yoga or TRX workout. Especially if the cross training has anything to do with more of upper body focus. Whew………now, that is a great realization……as is the variety of muscle focus that our bodies soak up!

People You Never Knew You Always Wanted In Life

I have been running for just over 1.5 years now and have managed to meet some of THE most amazing people. Walkers, joggers, runners, yogis and the like are simply amazing people. Now, let me clarify that they are not amazing simply because of their likeness or love for fitness, they are amazing people despite that. But the common-ness of what we choose to do for ourselves to make a healthy, less stressful, toxin-releasing self brings us together. In the heat, in the cold, in the snow (I am in Michigan after all, even though it does not seem that way right now), in the rain, in the times that you want to say……”ugh, I just can’t”…..these people are the ones who remind you that you in fact-ABSOLUTELY CAN!

I have lots of “running people” as I refer to them when talking about them to friends and family that do not know these people directly. And when I talk about them, I talk with just as much love as if I have known them my whole life. These people, no matter how little I see them, speak to them, run with them are MY PEOPLE and they mean the world to me. These people are my friends, my motivation, my reason and my future. Two years ago I would have never thought about running for, dare I say it, FUN! But oh the fun I have experienced. Stories, reasons, motivators, happy times, sad times, stressful times. These are what feed me as I continue to move forward in my life and with my goal to continue to be the best person I can be every day (even when running a 14 minute mile……). Much love to ALL OF YOU!!!!