A Girl’s Best Friend Triathlon

So, two weeks ago I “competed” (and I say this with quotation marks because, well, I wasn’t in it to win it) in 3Disciplines Girls Best Friend Triathlon in Vickburg, MI. This, given the name, was an all female event. This piqued my interest because I think it is fabulous when there are all female events out there. Not to say that guys don’t deserve to have all male events, but, I love that it can show that women can be strong, athletic, have fun and not really hate on each other. It can be quite empowering!

Anywho, back to the event. I competed in the sprint distance. A 500m swim, 20K bike, 5k run. This is my comfort for sure. There were laughs on the swim…. lots of, “ladies, we ARE doing this, right?!?!”. There was fun on the bike. And I met a wonderful 48 year old women on the run (which was more of a walk for us both) who was competing in her first triathlon. She was very excited to learn she would finish under 3 hours, as this was her goal.

I was somewhat unprepared for the fact (because, obviously I didn’t read enough prior) for the fact that some of the run was cross-country, some trail and the remaining paved road. And then there was all the lovely rain the day and evening before, so…..slippery grass. But, we all managed. And it was not that bad.

The bike course was quite flat (which was nice), and the run more hilly. I will take that combo any day of the opposite. The aid station volunteers were a group of cheerleaders from the local high school and they were WONDERFUL! Yelling at as they saw us coming on the run course to prepare to hand us our choice of drink/nutrition. They were also very encouraging! This is what I LOVE about volunteers and this sport! Younger kids cheering, encouraging, laughing with you…..it is inspiring to see our youth this way.

I had a goal to beat my Grand Rapids Triathlon time. That time was 2:52:36. I figured that was a good enough goal to set. Just beat that time. Of course, then I realized the run course was trail-ish (which I simply LOVE!!! <—sense the sarcasm), and thought no.freaking.way!

The water was 83 degrees which meant it was not wetsuit legal. Of course, I had purchased a wetsuit, so I would not get to try it out in an event, but, oh well. It rained some on the bike course, and then got all humid and such on the run. But the encouragement and fun of this event was out of this world! And as I crossed the finish line, while I knew I had beat my previous triathlon time, it was not until later that results were fully posted to reveal by how much.

Overall Place: 185

Place: 185/191

Swim Place/Time: 156   22:23

T1:   4:04

Bike Place/Time: 182 1:11:07

T2: 2:32

Run Place/Time: 187   58:23

Final Time: 2:38:27

So I beat my previous time by 14 minutes and 9 seconds. And given the fact that the run portion was some trail and some cross-country…..I was pretty proud of myself. And overall, this was a wonderful event to attend, and it will be on my list for next season as well!