Awesome Blogs I Follow…..Check Them Out!!

Seriously! Check this stuff out!

Get inspired! Inspire Others!


The Bergham Chronicles     My dear friend who lives in California and writes about her life as a Stay At Home Mom with adorable daughter.

A New Sarah     Another “Road Warrior” cohort…..blogging about health and fantabulousness!

Priority Health Champions Program     Wonderful people blogging about their experiences in health and many fitness disciplines.

GR Runner Gurl     This chica has some great stuff! She is on to great things in her life and is VERY inspirational!!

Whole Intentions     A great site about fitness, health and ways to make yourself awesome! (Plus, you can read some articles by me there!)

Paula Miller Fitness    Some great fitness information from a Beach Body Coach!

Still I Run Community  (direct from the website) “Still I Run is a running community that rallies around mental health. We want to run for our health, raise awareness of mental health issues and STOP the stigma”.