About Andrea



Hey, there. I’m Andrea. I am a 41 year old Ohio girl thriving in a Michigan world. I have 5 cats (Poto, Asteria, Dante, Dali and Hamlet) and 2 dogs (Aztec-American Bulldog Mix and Saoirse-Yorkie/Schnauzer Mix).


As you can see I am pretty busy with just them, but I also work full time in the criminal justice field as a Probation Officer. I love my job very much and am a total self-confessed workaholic. I am also in grad school online at Aspen University to obtain a Master of Arts in Psychology and Addiction!

On top of all of that, I had bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve) in March of 2014. I was way overweight, depressed and had high blood pressure. The thought of developing diabetes scared the hell out of me, so I had to do something, because what I was trying was not working. Surgery was the best decision that I have ever made. So, then after the all clear for exercise, I started running in July of 2014 and fell in love with that as well.


I also suffer from Severe Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety due to so many past things in my life, but also mainly from multiple miscarriages. I have found that helping others, especially women, is a great release for me. I do not hold back in talking about my depression, my job, running, fitness, the surgery and even the continued struggle with weight and health (no, surgery does not “cure all”). I enjoy writing more then I have ever known.

So, join me on this quest as I venture into new realms of my life, which always includes some kind of crazy…..but, hey, that’s what keeps it all interesting!

Much Love




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