With Patience, Positivity Comes

The cold can be a rough time to be an outdoor runner. It can be even tougher if you are dealing with a minor injury. I am currently battling some IT band issues. This seems to be exacerbated with the cold. Can definitely feel it more. It can really bring me down. The best thing I could do was joke about it with my fellow runner in IT band frustration and team leader, Katie Olson. Otherwise it would make me question my goals. Trying to stay positive is the best thing possible. And with the wind whipping your face, drawing out tears that eventually freeze halfway through their facial decent, positivity feels like it is freezing right along with them.

But here is the positive. MY FEET DID NOT HURT ON A 5 MILE INTERVAL RUN!!! That is right, people! On top of IT band issues I have been dealing with the need for more “proper” shoes….okay, okay, okay, Rob Andro…..”the right shoes”, and though some pretty minor trial and error, and the addition of insoles…..a solution has been found!

So, this may seem like a minor concern and a minor plus note, but this is huge for me. I have been thinking that I will just concede and leave my feet to run no more than a 10K, but the fact is, there are ways to work through the issues. Now, you need patience, which I have none of myself, but find the right people, find the right motivation, find the right method that works for you and go with it!


Much Love!

Keep Running!



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