Grand Rapids Marathon




In July of 2014 I NEVER would have thought I would sign up for a half marathon. I thought I was crazy to just decide to “take up” running for fun, and run a 5k. In that time I have learned a lot about running. I have also met some fabulous people. THOSE people are who got me to and through today.

Today, October 23, I participated in my first half marathon. Four times longer than the distance of my first ever run. I have been having trouble with training. More specifically leg cramps after mile six. Switched shoes. Nope, no change. Changed diet and electrolyte intake. Nada. Tried standing like a flamingo as much as possible to help strengthen my calves. Nein. Added compression sleeves while running. Nee. So as I was running along at a good clip on my 45/45 intervals….it was no surprise when my legs tested my ability at mile seven.

Now, 6 miles walking after run/walk intervals for 7 miles feels rough. I seem to feel it more in my feet. And even walking a bit did not help. I was feeling cramps even walking. Sometimes strong and hard cramps. I slowed my walk. I stopped and stretched. I stayed hydrated. However, all of that does not keep the thoughts of my inability to complete more then 6 miles successfully from my brain.

Maybe I am not meant for more. At least at this time. Maybe I need to try something different. But here is the thing. The people. The absolutely, unequivocally, phenomenal people that I have met along this journey.

I still remember going in to my local Gazelle Sports in July of 2014 just to find a better sports bra. My life has changed for the better ever since. I have learned so much from everyone I have encountered through Gazelle programs I cannot be happy enough.


I have officially finished my first half marathon. Over 2 years after saying I would never to anything that has the word “Marathon” attached to it. But it is all those that I have encountered along the way that have gotten me here. Everyone of you was in my heart today, whether I was walking or running. Whether I was smiling or crying. Whether I was positive in my ability or questioning it. It was all of you….ALL.OF.YOU in my life that have stood by me, understand me, pushed me, and changed me. This post is for all of you. I love all of you!


Much MUCH love!


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