8 Things I Realized On My Saturday Long Run

1. When running, it seems like the end keeps moving away…..like that scene in “The Shining” where is just keeps going…..Luckily, no creepy twin girls or blood at the end, though.

shining2. After you are brutally tripped by a stick, you tend to keep an eye on them all. Especially when running on a dirt road with lots of trees that throw their suicide bombing sticks at you.


3. Once you run more than 6 miles in zero drop toe shoes, your legs hate you. You learn that not all shoes are made the same for every distance.

4. Chaffing on the inner arms really is not fun. I think it may be worse than on the inner thigh. But I have not made a solid determination as this is the first time I have experienced arm chaffing.

5. Inner arm chaffing makes you either walk with your hands on your head like you are in a prison, hands on your hips like you may be dying, or, as I did today, run like Frankenstein where you only bend your arms at the elbows. It’s interesting.

6. People may see me dance as I run. Whether it is “hand/arm dance” or more. If you did, I am sorry. But Missy Elliott requires dance movement when she is singing. It’s subliminal, in case you were unaware. ***Plus, I must always be ready to “raise the roof” for Mark Rector when he passes me 🙂


7. When I run longer than 3 miles, I swear I move at the speed of 1 mile/hour. I feel like I go soooooo slooooowwwww.

8. After running 8 miles, it is totally acceptable at any time of the morning to leave with alcohol as your treat.


Much Love

Keep Running!





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