Depression Can Suck The Breath Right Out Of You.

I am a woman with clinical depression. I have no fear of telling people about it or discussing it. If me talking about my situation can help other women (or men for that matter), then talking about it is worth it. Some people may find this strange, but I also talk to my depression. We chat. We argue. We converse. We fight. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose. Most of those that are around me frequently know what it is like when my depression and I argue. When it tries to play tricks on my mind. And it is always different. That being said, I find that writing about it helps a lot. And, even outside of this blog, I have found that I am quite good at writing, and I like it a lot. So I will occasionally share some of the writings I have done about my depression. Speaking with my depression. Speaking to my depressive self (yes, I separate that Andrea from the non-depressive one). Speaking about depressive situations.





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