Gazelle Girl Half Marathon and 5K 2016




Once in a fantabulous year there is a wonderful race that is put together to represent some amazing athletes from the Grand Rapids area as well as other Michigan cities and even other states! Gazelle Girl is a wonderful weekend of honoring women and the commitment to making West Michigan the nation’s healthiest region! Over 3800 women ran the Gazelle Girl courses this year….a record number!

This is my second year running the Gazelle Girl and I loved it this much as last year. While the course was slightly different, it was still throughout out fabulous city and was held on a glorious day with lots of sun and beautiful weather!

Road Warrior coached Joann Karpowicz and Amy Polega were pacers for the half marathon and finished in amazing style! Congrats to all my other ladies who competed as well. You all looked wonderful! I was so happy to be able to give back some encouragement to those of you who help me through and meet you to encourage you for your phenomenal-ness!!! And thanks so much to the guys for helping support the ladies at the aid station. While this race is meant for the women to shine, it can’t be done without the men behind the scenes!


Much Love! Keep Running!!!


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