Hudsonville Eagle 5K


On Saturday March 26, 2016 the Fifth Third Riverbank Run Road Warriors attended the Hudsonville Eagle 5k. This was the time for our team to put into practice all that we have been training for, work out any kinks and see where we stand as individuals on a course. While it was a little chilly, the day was beautiful and many of the Road Warriors set PR’s and placed in their age division.


Also at the event was special guest Jim Dreyer. Also known as ‘The Shark’, is an ultra marathon  athlete, because his swimming accomplishments are often tied to extensive running and cycling feats. Dreyer has set various records on those distances and has won multiple marathon and triathlon awards.

The presence of a successful athlete such as Jim Dreyer was an excellent addition to this event as there were many kids who attended the event. And unlike many other events where there are a large amount of elementary and middle school children present, this race was wonderful. All the kids had fun while on the course.



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