Gilda’s LaughFest FUNderwear Run


For the second official race for the 2016 Fifth Third Riverbank Road Warrior crew we got to get down and…….naked? No silly, the Gilda’s Laughfest FUNderwear Run doesn’t let people just run in that nightie you wear to bed. As explained from the Laughfest FUNderwear Run website, “This unique race invites participants to wear their finest (and funniest!) underwear over their running clothes in support of Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids! So forget black tie, there is a NEW dress code in town for fundraising events-underwear! Help us bring laughter and awareness of emotional health to the streets of Grand Rapids. Hey, when else can you run (or walk!) around in your underwear and NOT have it end with a ride in the back seat of a fancy car with flashing lights?”.

So that’s right, readers, we all got our undie fun on. And lots of other people did, too. And it was a fabulous turnout given the 40 degree weather and rain. And after the run, some local animal-related organizations held an “animal fest” offering dog and cat treats, toys, information on services and even some adoptions.

So, all in all this run definitely put the FUN in FUNderwear Run!

Keep Running! Much Love!

*Note: All photos in this post courtesy of Boss Photography and LaughFestGR


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