Upward Spiral: The 24 Hour Endurance Run/Walk to Bring Awareness to Mental Illness

This past weekend many of us Fifth Third Road Warriors participated in a special event to help bring awareness to bullying and depression. Held at the Allegan County Fieldhouse, the event began on Friday February 19th at 3pm and went for 24 hours.

I did not show up to the event until approximately 8pm on Friday. When I walked in there was music, food, drinks and a fabulously decorated fieldhouse. Colorful signs and posters promoting positivity and positive thinking. Areas for the younger kids to color, write and create. And there was even a photographer to take pics of those participating who provide their own personal positive words to those around them. And, of course, there were those walking and running and laying it all down for a great cause.

This was the second year for this event. And while there were not a ton of people there while I was there……the fact that there was a 24 hour option to come, create, move, smile, laugh and meet great people was wonderful. And while not all of our Road Warrior team was able to attend (the plague is going around many households), those of us that could attend spread ourselves out to represent as long as we could.


So a big THANK YOU to Adele Garcia, who owns this amazing idea and event, for opening even more people up to the power of actions and words and the strength of positivity! Next year, I will be there again!


Much Love! Keep Running!


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