Why I Am A Fifth Third Riverbank Run Road Warrior!


So, we gotta write these biographies about ourselves for the Road Warrior program. I can’t help but think that sometimes I tend to write like an infomercial. But, eh, it’s mine so it is what it is 🙂

I began my journey to fitness after being released to begin a regular exercise program post bariatric surgery in July of 2014. While I loved swimming, I did not have free access to a pool. I did, however, have dogs that needed more exercise. So off to my local Gazelle Sports (SHOUT OUT!!!!!) for a good sports bra (always have a good sports bra, ladies!). I got to talking with one of the sales associates and was introduced to their running groups. Luckily, one had just started. I showed up at my first evening run with horrible shoes and cotton shorts (but hey, I had that good sports bra), and ran…..a little. I was introduced to some great people. Fun people. I realized that I was not one that had many friends, just a few close ones. However, before I knew it, I had a ton of friends. Running friends. I got good shoes, good running technical clothing and just continued to show up for training runs. I ran my first 5K six weeks after I began running. I didn’t run the whole time, I still don’t, but I crossed the finish line and never looked back.

Since I have started running I have become well versed in so many things, and I continue to learn from running and those around me every day. Support, inspiration, stories, lives, all so amazing. I also suffer from Severe Depressive Disorder and Moderate Anxiety Disorder and have learned that running is an excellent way to help fight off my symptoms that try to pop up every now and again. I have lost over 125 pounds since my surgery and have learned to coordinate weight training, yoga, swimming and cycling in with my running. After participating in more than 25 5k races since I started running, I will be participating in my first 10k at the Fifth Third Riverbank Run (thanks to some fellow Road Warriors who upped the ante). And to my shocking surprise I have registered for the sprint distance of the Grand Rapids Triathlon in July.

My goal as a 2016 Fifth Third Riverbank Run Road Warrior is to show those who think that they cannot, that they in fact can. You can. You can run around the block. You can run a mile. You can set your sights on something that you want and go for it to attain it in every way possible. Will it happen quickly? Absolutely not. Will it come to you easily? Absolutely not. You will need to work for it. But if you want it badly enough, you will get it. And know that you are not alone. And know you do not need to be alone in your journey. There are other people out there who will join you. Who will support you. Who will push you more than you ever thought you could go. And guess what? They will also be there for you to celebrate you. And to celebrate your accomplishment. And then, they will help you set your sights on what is next. Because there will be a next. And next will be even better.


Much Love! Keep Running!


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