Community Charity Run #1: True North Community Services

So as part of being a 2016 Fifth Third Riverbank Run Road Warrior, the Road Warriors are required to partner with one of 6 charities (2 Road Warriors per charity) to raise awareness and money. Last weekend we had our first Charity Community Run which invites the public to a free seminar discussing the Riverbank Run as well as the charity featured for that month. We had a nice turnout of people who are new to running and who are veteran runners. And the Road Warriors who spoke about their charity did amazing.

True North Community Services is a Michigan based non-profit organization that helps to provide opportunities to Michigan youth who may need assistance in becoming the best part of their own and their community’s future. Times are tough, but that does not mean that people and organizations can’t help provide for local families and their children. Assistance with family and developmental support such as Family Camp and Family Literacy Nights which bring families together, they assist in increasing family togetherness and engagement involving the family as a whole.

Diversity and cultural awareness is also part of their programming. In many rural areas, culture and diversity can be limited. And when resources are also limited, that can make social engagement even more difficult. As we all know, funding for art and music programs across the United States are being decreased all the time. TrueNorth assists in offering programs such as these so children and families can experience these amazing learning opportunities.

And children and families are not the only groups TrueNorth focuses on. Housing assistance and homeless prevention is also part of their community involvement. TureNorth understands the importance of helping those who live in poverty and need assistance. Whether it be assistance with paying for the heating bill, assistance with food or even health and medical needs for older adults, TrueNorth Community Services is there for those in the community that need the care they may not be able to get elsewhere.

Thanks so much to the members of TrueNorth Community Services for supporting the Fifth Third Riverbank Run. And thank you to Mandy Kitchen and Sarah Bender for being the 2016 Fifth Third Riverbank Run Road Warriors for TrueNorth Community Services.


Make sure to check out TrueNorth Community Services to see what they offer and how you can help!


Much Love! Keep Running!



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