Winter Blues


Ugh. Winter. It is currently 10 degrees outside. TEN! No wonder people tend to not keep a new year resolution that involves fitness. Who wants to go outside in this? Some people may be lucky and have a larger home where fitness can happen there. Not me. I have room to do some HIIT, some standard stretching. But then that means I will also get help from the furkids that are around. And when they see mom get on the floor, well, it MUST be because she wants to play, right?

The winter blues can hit us all. Well, I guess unless you live in the warm states where your winter consists of a perfect spring day in places like Michigan. However, the fact that it gets dark around 4pm doesn’t help either. I did manage to get to the gym today, though. Fact, it will be so much easier to continue as the days get warmer and the light lasts longer if I just keep going now. So for those of you who may be struggling like myself, just keep in mind that warmth and light will be coming!


Keep Running! Much Love!


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