StrideBox Review

I know Many of you may have heard of “StrideBox”. I know I had seen some people posting on Facebook about what a good idea it was. However, I didn’t know anyone who actually subscribed to it. So, for Christmas my husband subscribed for me. And right after we returned from our Christmas vacation in Ohio, the first box came!


It was a small box, so I knew it did not contain any full apparel. I excitedly opened the box and saw a plethora of fun-ness!!!! It was, essentially, a nutrition box. And I love my running nutrition. It also provided a card describing each product and where they can be purchased and for how much! And, most wonderfully of all, it explained when the product is best utilized – before, during or after a workout! This is a good key thing. Nutrition can be such a bugger for some people. There is so much info out there on carb-protein consumption and when that it makes my head spin. I don’t like to have to review ingredients to see if the food is best at a certain time……but StrideBox tells you.


Also in the box was a cute, bright green (how did they know, one of my favorite colors???) bag. Perfect size for a wet bathing suit or maybe even wet shoes or socks. Or possibly even for storage of nutrition to take with you on a marathon run or triathlon.


So, all in all, StrideBox is off to a great start in my house. Price point is wonderful for what one gets as well. $15.00 to sign up and $15.00 per month for the box. They ship quick and if you really enjoy something, you don’t have to search all over to find it….they tell you!

Note: There is one product missing. There was a sample tea bag of “CogniTea-Energy Tea”. When I returned home from Ohio I was so sick it was the first thing I opened and tried. By the way….it was sooooo good!!!

Much Love!


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