Twenty fi….sixteen

Reflection time. There have been quite the hills and valleys I have ridden along in 2015. Oddly enough, a lot happened in both March and December with small amounts of everything sprinkled through the months between. In March the Sobriety Court Program that I write the grant for and developed the program for got up and running, moving me into a position that I have been working towards for 6 years. This is a program that I am extremely proud of and hold close to make sure it provides my clients with the treatment and understanding of addiction as a disease.

Also in March I celebrated 1 year since my gastric sleeve bariatric procedure. At that time I had lost 95 pounds and, per my medical staff, was “on point”. Along that line, this is also the time that I began having some pretty major depression issues in dealing with my new body and lifestyle. I know, you’re thinking, “Seriously? you LOST weight. What were you depressed about?”. Well, after years and years in a body that I despised, I was getting more attention than I was prepared for, and simply did not know how to handle that attention. I was also wrong in thinking that my depression issues that I have had for many years would subside with the weight loss. This was not the case.

In April I took a quick weekend trip to Mississippi with some friends. We stayed mainly in the casino hotel, so I didn’t get to see much of Mississippi and I had already been to Vegas twice, so…..not much difference there.

As the year went on, my husband and I had some ups and downs in our marriage. We took several months to work on ourselves and become a stronger couple-unit. I spent the July 2015 “Hankison Gals Vacation” (a yearly week long vacation taken with my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, my cousin and myself) to Washington, DC. My mother and I took the Amtrak train which was a wonderful experience as I had never travelled by train before. Also, I have always wanted to visit DC and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.


In September I ran the Lake Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run 5K and realized for the first time since running, that enjoying yourself AND your run is more important that running a 5K without stopping or getting a PR in every race.


In October I got to spend Halloween for the first time with my niece and nephew, who was a pink skeleton and a cop, respectively. This was a fun time, to see all the kids dressed up and to see my niece and nephew categorize their “candy stash” at the end of the successful sugary evening.

In November we lost one of our fur-kids, Lucian. I had adopted Lucian as an 8 week old kitten to be a “buddy” for my 4 year old adopted cat, Zoya. Zoya hated him immediately and it was a love hate relationship all his life. He was a fat, black purr box of a guy that loved his mama and always stole my pillow at night. He was 13 years old and developed an auto-immune disease. He went peacefully with lots of love surrounding him.

In this past month I became a “Fifth Third Riverbank Run Road Warrior”, an ambassador for the Riverbank Run as well as other community functions and promote charitable actions and community health (and…..this blog). Also, in the same day, I celebrated receiving the honor of being named one of six department “Employee of the Year” at my job, AND celebrated the fantastic action of my husband, Ron, receiving his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

So, all in all 2015 was not too bad. 2016 can only get better in my opinion. I will continue to write and talk about my fitness and health journey, my life and living with depression. I will continue to be a workaholic with job and build my program at work. I will continue to try to make my friends and family laugh with my overreacted and outrageous stories. I will continue to provide more for my fur kids than my husband and myself. I.WILL.CONTINUE.

So Happy New Year to you all. Be safe. Be happy. Be wonderful.

Much Love.



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