You Say You Want A Resolution…..


Yeah, okay, I know that it is “Revolution” not “Resolution” in The Beatles song…. (believe me, my dad taught me way better than that). But it is that time of year people. Resolution time (insert dramatic music here). So let’s look at some “statistics” (am I am using them in quotations because, well, resolutions are not that easy of a thing to monitor, if you will).

According to the number 1 resolution for people every new year is…….to lose weight. Calm down, I know this is shocking. Weight loss is followed, in order by

  • getting organized
  • spending less and saving more
  • enjoying life to the fullest and finally,
  • staying fit and healthy.

So, what does this say about our society (or at least those polled)? In my opinion, it says a lot. It tells me that more people are unhappy about a lot within themselves. Losing weight, getting organized and wanting to enjoy life tell me that many of us are unhappy. But is that each persons’ individual fault? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Let’s be honest here. Society has ALOT to do with how we feel about ourselves, inside and out. The economy, the stereotypes of how women (and now more often men as well) should look physically, how society thinks we should feel even comes into play. I mean, if we didn’t “stick to the norm” of resolution time, what in the world would we want to be resolute for?

BUT! These statistics also tell me that there are some people that are happy about themselves. About how they feel and look. Sure, they may be laying on the lies to look good, but hey, it is a start for society to realize that it is okay that you have some debt. It is okay that you are overweight but working on what needs to be done. That, hey, it is okay that sometimes you are sad and do not want to get out of bed. The important thing is that one realizes that those thoughts, those actions are for that day. Tomorrow is another day. Plus, if today was a bad day, tomorrow can only be better.

Another set of statistics that provides that is positive discusses the length of time that one maintains a resolution. Those that maintained their resolution of choice through the first week was at 75%. Now, the numbers go down from there, as expected, but they still provide a positive outlook:

  • Maintained past two weeks: 71%
  • Maintained past one month: 64%
  • Maintained past six months: 46%

Now, again, I know that between the one month and six month mark it is a pretty big drop, but, 46% is a pretty good number in my opinion. Many of us have made the same resolution year after year. Most likely because we didn’t actually meet that goal the year before, but, we are still willing to give it a shot. And maybe it is because as that year went on we felt that we didn’t meet our own expectations, but, we are still willing to continue to give it a shot. The most important thing is that we, as society, are thinking for a change, thinking for change and changing the way we think.

So, with that being said, keep it up. Keep making those resolutions, because it is only how YOU see YOURSELF and what YOU want in the new year that matters. What society thinks is in the past. Resolute for YOUR future.


Much Love



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