When You and Your Nose Are Running


Well, it is that time of year. Sickness. Illness. Cough. Cold. Flu……THE PLAGUE! Especially here in Michigan where Christmas was in the 50’s and Ohio when it was in the 60’s. This afternoon my husband and I returned from our holiday trip in Ohio to 30 degree weather in Michigan.

As I sat on the couch, decompressing from the six hour car trip….it began…..THE SNIFFLES! I tried to ignore it. Thinking maybe if I do not acknowledge its existence it would go away…..it caught on. Then, the scratchy throat. I swear, in 3 hours it went from nothing to muscle pain….UGH!!!!

It was already slightly difficult to maintain or even try to keep up with my training schedule while on vacation. Now I am home when I can get back into proper gear and this happens. So, zinc, vitamin C, LOTS OF SLEEP here I come! I am gonna stay ahead of you and try to decrease the amount of time in which your plague is inside me!

That all being said, this being the time for illness, it is also the time most people tend to decrease their training (especially if you do not have an indoor area to train). Sick season and hibernation season also coincides with the time of year that 60% of the world (no that is not an actual figure, it is one I am guessing at) decides they are GONNA GET HEALTHY!!!! Needless to say, it is a trifecta of human storm.

So people, when the illness hits, remember it’s okay to take care of you. “Sweating” the cold out doesn’t always work, and then all you are doing is providing a “free sample” of your nastiness to someone else. The more you focus on feeling better before getting back into your training, the more you will get out of your training overall.

Keep Running (but not if your nose is)….

Much Love!


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