Dear Santa….

Dear Santa,

I know this is kinda late…..and I know this is unusual for me. I mean, I would normally have all requests to year approximately 2 years ahead of schedule because I am just, well you know, that way. But, I have a last minute request…..

The holidays can be rough for alot of people. Love, loss, money, breakups, breakdowns, letdowns, and so much more. So, my request……can you talk to whoever makes up 2016 and discuss some slack be given? I know it is alot to ask and you may be wondering why I am asking you about this. But think about it… know the peeps of the world-it’s your main job, so if you could maybe discuss some pertinent issues with 2016 that would be fantabulous. And only for those who really need it. Those who have had it rough in 2015. And it’s okay to be selective. As a matter of fact, you probably should be selective. But trust in what you choose to do.

Again, I know this may be a hefty task to ask……and on Christmas Eve no less, but, if you could give it a whirl? And, just to make sure I am on point again, let’s just bump this as my request for 2017 and 2018 as well….get me back on planning track.

Thanks buncha-crunches…….

Much Love!


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