When Holiday Vacations Strike…..

Okay, so I made that sound a little bad…..I’m actually referring to the busy holiday times that can sometimes pull us away from our own focus on health and fitness. Cookies, cakes, sugar, carbs, muffins, cupcakes, ugh……They can really make you think you have wasted any workouts, or that you have to go crazy to work it all off. And then, for some of us, there is the travel. Now, going here, there and everywhere can be daunting enough. Traffic, crazy people, families…..stress!

Now, I have all my immediate family in Ohio. So, it’s a lot of travel. Luckily I belong to Planet Fitness, and there is a location near my father’s house. I had every intention of hitting my home gym early this morning before we left, but my brain and body vetoed that option. So after heading down to the O-H with the hubs and getting everything unloaded, I pulled myself together and headed to the gym. After all, my Road Warrior teammates are training tonight, so, even though I can’t be there, I can hit treadmill.

Remember that even though the holidays are a busy time, you still need time for yourself. We are coming up on a time of year that is practically owned by “health and fitness” (at least until about February). Be prepared that when 2016 comes a-knockin……you can run into it head on and show it who is boss……not let it guilt you for what you have lacked on at the end of the year!


Keep running. Much love!


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