It can’t be JUST running…..

Prior to my running experiences I never thought I would run as an activity. People who did that were crazy, or so I thought 😉 However, when I made the decision to start running I understood the purpose (other than the health benefits). But even then I never thought that I would then learn to love additional physical activity. as much as I have. Approximately 4 months after I began my running adventure, I started going to cross-training classes at a local facility. And I learned to love that, too! Then, I was getting up earlier in the morning during the week to go work out or run before work. Now, this was HUGE. Anyone who really knows me knows I LOVE my sleep. I have never been one to sleep all that well, getting only about 4-5 hours of sleep each night, but getting up early to work out? What? That is just crazy pants! But I did it. And I liked it. Then I loved it. Then I learned more and more that strength training and cross training benefits not just my over all health and well being, but my running as well. So I loved it all even more. And I still love it. Utilizing as many different forms of exercise as possible into my regimen… yoga, TRX, spin bike, weight training…….all of it. And it is amazing.

While you think that running is a pretty good all-around workout, you never really know what muscles are not getting proper focus during running until you have done a good intense yoga or TRX workout. Especially if the cross training has anything to do with more of upper body focus. Whew………now, that is a great realization……as is the variety of muscle focus that our bodies soak up!


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